For 1976, the Pontiac LeMans and Grand LeMans were the only Pontiac intermediate offerings with the discontinuation of the Grand Am series. All models received new rectangular headlights with distinct grilles unique to the base and Le Mans Sport and another one for the Grand Le Mans. The Grand LeMans had the instrument panel of the 1973-75 Gran Am, while the LeMans and LeMans Sport continued with the regular dash. The 1973-75 Luxury LeMans had the regular Le Mans instrument panel.

The Chevy-built 250 straight-six was now standard on all Le Mans and Grand LeMans sedans and coupes along with the Le Mans Sport Coupe with V8 options including a new “Oldsmobile-built” 260 V8 and Pontiac V8s of 350 and 400 cubic inches with two- or four-barrel carburetion (400 four-barrel still standard on all Safari wagons), along with the return of the 455 four-barrel V8 after a one-year absence. The three-speed manual transmission was standard with the Chevy six with Turbo Hydra-matic optional, the latter now the only transmission offered with all V8s except the small 260 which could be ordered with a five-speed manual in the Le Mans Sport Coupe.

The Enforcer:

Also new for 1976 was an “Enforcer” police package on Le Mans sedans with either the 400 or 455 V8s that included a Turbo Hydra-matic transmission. A LoGear Blockout was available for the automatic transmission that helped prevent over-revving the engine. Heavy-duty power front disc brakes and 11-inch rear brake drums were a specific outgrowth of the police testing program. The Enforcer also came variable-ratio power steering and a 1-inch rear stabilizer bar.

The Pontiac LeMans Enforcer advertisement above reads:

“Here’s one mid-size tempered by the hard-line laws of the street. The leMans Enforcer packs enough solid police power to play any street game. For keeps.

This Pontiac patrol car isn’t some civilian heavyweight impersonating a police car by slapping on trailering options.

It’s all bear. Specifically built for police work. And it’s packed with a lot of heavy-duty hardware to prove it.

What’s more, it won’t shake down your budget while it lays down the law. Couple the initial price with the cost of operation, and chances are you’ll be able to ease the strain on your tight department budget. No taxpayer would argue that logic.

Pontiac offers other street-tough law machines in their ’77 police lineup. Like the full-sized Catalina Enforcer for high-speed patrol work. And Ventura. A spunky compact suited to light-duty city law enforcement.

Obviously, Pontiac is as serious about enforcing the law as you. So take a break to your Pontiac Dealer. Or write: Fleet Sales, Pontiac Motor Division, One Pontiac Plaza, Pontiac Michigan 48053. Our number is (313) 857-1377.”

Probably the most famous Pontiac LeMans police vehicle is the Sheriff Car of Sheriff Bufford Justice in the movie Smokey And The Bandit seen at the top of this page.

In 1978, the LeMans and other GM mid-sized cars were considerably downsized. Pontiac did not offer a police package on the 1978 LeMans and would not offer any police packages on any of its vehicles after 1978.


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