(1984-1985 Ford LTD Police)

The 1984-1985 Ford LTD LX:

Ford produced this downsized LTD from 1983-1986 (January 1986). During the 1984 model year, Ford introduced a performance version of the LTD called the LTD LX. It came standard with:

  • High output 5.0 L CFI V8 engine
  • 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive
  • 600 lb-in front and 270 lb-in rear coil springs
  • Larger front and rear sway bars
  • 10-inch front disc and 10-inch rear drum brakes
  • 3.27:1 rear gear ratio with a Traction-Lok differential

The LX model was the only LTD to have a center console with a floor-mounted shifter for the transmission, and a tachometer in the instrument cluster. Roughly 3,260 LXs were produced from mid-1984 to 1985. The Mercury version of the LX was the Marquis LTS and was available only in Canada in much smaller numbers.

In 1986, the Ford LTD was replaced by the Ford Taurus.

The Police Version:

Note: The 1984-1985 Ford LTD have been referred to as both a SSP (Special Service Package), and a Police Package vehicle.

A LTD (Fox body) Police Edition was made for 1984 and 1985. The total made is unclear, but the Marti Report further below suggests that there were at least 5,235 police package LTD’s built in 1985.

Notable for its bigger sway bars and brakes, it also included bench seats with an automatic trunk opener located underneath the steering wheel. Other features were the 140 MPH certified calibration speedometer, gauges over the glovebox, and a single key option (Ford used separate ignition and door keys during this time period).

Identifying Features Were:

140 MPH Certified Calibration Speedometer

Gauge cluster above the glove box

Not all Ford LTD police cars had gauges over the glove box

Differences between the Ford LTD LX & The Ford LTD Police:

  • The LTD LX had a center console with the shifter in the console. The LTD police version was a column shift without the console.
  • The LTD LX had a 3.27 rear axle gear, and the LTD Police had a 3.08 rear axle gear.
  • The LTD LX had a 85 MPH speedometer, and the LTD Police had a 140 MPH certified calibration speedometer.
  • The LTD LX had a factory tachometer in the dash, and the LTD police did not.

Build Sheet & Mart Reports:

Below is a Marti Report for a verified police LTD.

You can see the police package listed as a feature. A Marti Report is a good way to find out whether your LTD is a true police car, and where it was sent.

Below are some examples of build sheets found inside these cars. There will be additional remarks at the bottom of the build sheet indicating special instructions for the build.

In Service Examples:

Florida Highway Patrol

Texas Department of Public Safety

Georgia State Patrol


The Police Package LTD had a 165 HP 302 CID (5.0L) EFI High Output V-8 that was also shared with the SSP Mustang of the same time period. It made was the highest performance four door police car in 1984-1985. While the Ford LTD Police Package had excellent performance, its major weakness was it’s brakes. Severe brake fade would occur after heavy use. The City of Santa Monica, California sold all of their 1984 Ford LTDs after one year due to poor brakes.

Michigan State Police Test Results:

1984 Ford LTD:

  • 0-100 MPH = 29.89 seconds
  • 1/4 Mile = 17.76 seconds
  • Top Speed = 122.60 MPH

1985 Ford LTD:

  • 0-100 MPH = 30.74 seconds
  • 1/4 Mile = 17.98 seconds
  • Top Speed = 120.60 MPH

Design Change:

The major change from 1984 model to the 1985 model was the grill. The Ford blue oval moved to the center of the grill from the top of the grill. 1984 and 1985 were the only two years for the LTD Police Package, the retail version of the car would continue until 1986. It’s replacement, the midsized Ford Taurus, would gain a police package several years later in 1990.



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