(1993-1994 Ford Explorer Special Service Vehicle)

What Is The Ford Explorer Special Service Vehicle (SSV):

The only differences between the standard Explorer and the Special Service Vehicle Explorer are provisions for emergency services related equipment such as radios, lightbars and sirens. There are also options designated fleet only such as custom 2-tone paint arrangements that are available to the Explorer Special Service Vehicle.

Ford lists these options as part of the Special Service Package (UPJ)

  • Heavy Duty Battery (750CCA)
  • Ground Straps
  • Roof Wiring Prep Package

1993-1994 Ford Explorer SSV:

In 1993, Ford began offering a special service vehicle package on their Ford Explorer. These were not considered ‘Police Package’ vehicles for the fact that they were not intended to be used as pursuit vehicles.

The Special Service Explorer was powered by a 160hp 4.0L V-6 and was available in either 2WD or 4WD.

1995-2001 Ford Explorer SSV:

The Explorer received a new body design and front suspension in 1995. For 1995 & 1996, the Special Service Explorer was only available in 4WD.

Two new engines were introduced for the 1997 model year:

  • 205hp 4.0L OHC V-6
  • 210hp 5.0L V-8

(1995-2001 Ford Explorer Special Service Vehicle)

The Explorer was basically unchanged until 2002.

2002-2005 Ford Explorer SSV:

The Ford Explorer was completely redesigned for the 2002 model year. In addition to the cosmetic changes, the Explorer received an independent rear suspension and (2) engine choices:

  • 210hp 4.0L SOHC V-6
  • 239hp 4.6L V-8

(2002-2005 Ford Explorer Special Service Vehicle)

2006-2010 Ford Explorer SSV:

The Ford Explorer had another style change and also received a new, stronger frame, and a redesigned rear suspension. Engine choices in the Explorer were:

  • 210hp 4.0L SOHC V-6
  • 292hp 4.6L V-8

(2006-2010 Ford Explorer Special Service Vehicle)

2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility:

Ford came out with a new Explorer for 2011. For 2012, Ford finally offered the Ford Explorer as a true police pursuit rated vehicle called the ‘Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility’. This will be a future story.

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