The Chevrolet 9C1 RPO code, Regular Production Option, goes back many years and can be found in many Chevy police package models other then the B-Body Caprices of 1991-1996.

The Chevrolet B-Body line was first introduced in 1959. From that point until the last model made in 1996, the production numbers for the B-Body were 24.8 million units. More then the VW Beetle model, more then the Model T Ford.

The 9C1 name as we know it today, since most of us own 9C1 police package Caprices, first appeared in the form of the 1972 Chevelle and would later become GM’s main given RPO for it’s full sized B-Body police package cars. 1972 also was the year Chevrolet would also assign the 9C3 ( smaller squad cars ) and the B4C ( special service pursuit cars ) RPO codes that can be found in recent years, in the Camaro B4C or the Lumina 9C3.

The 9C1 RPO code was found in many Chevrolet models. The following is a time line of sorts that gives you brief insight on how it all unfolded up to the 9C1 Caprice.

Yearly History

(Chevy Chevelle)

1972 – 9C1 RPO code appears in the Chevelle model Police Package (PP).

(Chevy Malibu)

1974 – Malibu and Malibu Classic appear with the 9C1 RPO (PP).

1975 – The Nova appears with the 9C1 RPO (PP).

1976 – The first Full sized B-Body Chevy Police Package 9C1 appears, as the Impala, and the 9C1 RPO is now used in all Chevy (PP). Interesting note here is the fact that this is the last year for the Big Block found in any Chevrolet Police Package.

(Chevy Impala)

1977 – The Impala is redone and is the body style that we grow to know through 1990 when the then named Caprice, changed in 1991.

1979 – While not a official Police Package, the 1979 Camaro was tested in California, by the California Highway Patrol. This was the first true “Pony” pursuit police car.

1980 – First 9C1 to come with a V6 (Impala).

(Chevy Celebrity)

1984 – The Malibu Police Package dropped for the 1st FWD 9C1, the Chevrolet Celebrity.

1985 – 1st year for Fuel Injection motor in a 9C1. The Impala (TBI) and the Celebrity (PFI) using Multi Port Injection for the 1st time.

1986 – Impala name is gone. The 9C1 Caprice name appears.

1989 – The First Fuel Injection 9C1 Caprice appears. First year for the Fuel Injected LO5 350 (TBI) in the Caprice.

(Chevy Lumina)

1990 – Lumina replaces the Celebrity as a Chevy Police Package.

(Chevy Camaro)

1991 – The last B-Body Caprice body style, what most of us drive today. V6 dropped from the Caprice 9C1. Anti Lock brakes standard. Drivers side Air Bag. First Camaro appears in the B4C RPO, Fastest Police car ever to that date, at 150 mph.

1992 – Prototype Caprice with LT1 tested.

1993 – Open rear wheel (fender-skirt deleted) Caprice appears. A detuned LT1 appears in the Camaro B4C.

(Chevy Caprice)

The 1991-1996 Caprice 9C1 models are built with heavy duty “Fleet” components compared to their civilian counter parts. You will find that these cars have heavy duty frames, heavy duty steel rims, larger brakes, dual exhaust, heavy duty seats, one key fits all, heavy duty alternator, dual electric cooling fans on 94+ models, external oil, transmission and power steering coolers as well as larger radiator, heavy duty Air conditioners, heavy duty “Bilstein” shocks, heavy duty springs, PCM (computer) programmed for fleet usage-tranny shift points and a speed limiter.

1994 – LT1 (260HP) now available in the 9C1 Caprice. New 4300 V8 (L99) avail in the 9C1 Caprice. Impala with LT1 appears as a SS, similar to the 9C1 option code. More or less just came with cosmetic workings for public sale. 4WD brakes found on the Caprice. The slick top ( No light bar, or spots ) Caprice capable of 140 mph.

1996 – Last year for the B-Body models Caprice, Impala, and Roadmaster. The Camaro B4C with the LT1 tops out at 159 mph.

(Chevy Impala)

2000 РThe modern day 9C1 police package was offered with the 2000-2005 8th generation Impala & 2006-2013 9th generation Impala / 2014-2016 Impala Limited in FWD form. The 9th generation model would be the last W-body vehicle in production until it was discontinued in 2016.

2015-2019 – The 2015-2019 Chevy Tahoe PPV (Police Pursuit Vehicle) is listed by Chevrolet as a 9C1.