The Chevrolet Camaro B4C is a Chevrolet Camaro equipped with a “Special Service” police package, also known as B4C Special Equipment Options (SEO) code. The package was offered on the Camaro between 1991 and 2002.

The B4C package has heavier-duty (HD) features over a non-police vehicle as well as some options specific to the installation of police equipment. HD features include:

  • Oversized front and rear sway bars
  • High-output alternator
  • Larger (in years after 1991) four-wheel disc brakes
  • Separate engine, power steering and transmission oil coolers
  • Certified 145 MPH speedometer

Most of the heavier duty option parts come from a combination of parts from both the regular Z28 and the racing and handling package of the special 1LE option list.

The B4C Camaro’s did not come with Z28 badges.

The B4C’s were not typically sold to the general public, but in 2002, the B4C was made officially available to the general public so that the GMMG ZL1 Camaro could be built.

1LE (Performance Handling Package) Option:

The 1LE Performance Handling Package was offered until 1999. The 1LE’s were basically built for road racing, stripped of the creature comforts, such as air-conditioning, stereo systems, power leather seats, automatic door locks, power trunk, cruise control, fog lamps and T-tops.

Along with different coil springs, shocks and bushings, third generation cars came with bigger brakes, manual transmissions, and an aluminum drive shaft.

Fourth generations came with a 6-speed manual transmission, aluminum drive shafts, Koni DA shocks, larger bushings, stiffer control arms, bigger sway bars, and a stiffer transmission mount.

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