Options To Meet Any Need

The SelectAlert Directional Warning System permits the production of custom light bars from standard, in-stock components. The addition of one or more of these options to a CODE 3 or CODE 3 XL light bar allows the operator a choice of warning signals of different color, intensity, and direction. These signals can be used alone or in combination with the basic full-circle CODE 3 warning signal to provide the appropriate response to any situation.

Whether you need a single bar or enough to equip an entire fleet, the SelectAlert system allows you to obtain a warning system that meets your specific requirements quickly and at moderate cost. For your convenience a special order form has been prepared to permit easy specification to the exact warning system that your vehicles require. To obtain this form please contact your local dealer or Public Safety Equipment. The following illustrations represent the performance of the option looking down on the top of the light bar. All options must be factory installed.

Combine Several Options

Several SelectAlert options can be combined with excellent results as in the popular “California” bar shown above. This package consists of a basics CODE 3 light bar with the addition of a stationary lamp facing forward on the driver’s side and two SelectAlert rotating pods operating behind rear-facing, half width amber inserts. This set of options provides a choice of three different warning signals: dual rear-only flashing amber, high-intensity front-facing, steady red and the regular CODE 3 signal.

Certain combinations of options require the use of the Model 326 control box at additional cost. In these cases this control box is supplied prewired by the factory.

SelectAlert Stationary Lamps

For an extremely directional signal, one of two SelectAlert stationary PAR 46 lamps can be installed, These may be either high intensity, concentrated lamps (California Class A) or moderate intensity, broader coverage lamps (California Class B) and can be positioned to face either to the front or to the rear.
Special effects can be achieved by ordering lenses with inserts of various colors placed in front of the SelectAlert stationary lamps. These lamps can be steady burning or flashing and can be operated alone or in conjunction with the CODE 3 signal. With clear lense insert, SelectAlert stationary lamps can be used as take-down lights.

SelectAlert Alternating Flashers

This option consists of four additional, stationary, PAR 36 lamps that allow a choice of either a narrow, high intensity corridor of warning to the front and rear of the vehicle and/or the regular full circle CODE 3 warning. If desired, additional controls can be provided so that only the rear facing lamps may be alternately flashed, or both the front and rear facing lamps may be flashed.

When the forward facing lamps are operated in conjunction with the regular CODE 3 signal and extremely effective signal for breaking heavy traffic is obtained. Operation of the SelectAlert alternating flashers requires only about 5 amperes. Either the CODE 3 solid state premium flasher or the regular mechanical flasher must be ordered separately.

Lower intensity, wider beam stationary lamps can be supplied for applications requiring a less penetrating signal. These lamps are suggested when the rear facing lamps are interconnected to the vehicles brake/turn signal circuit.

SelectAlert Rotating Pods

For a choice between a rear-only rotating signal or the regular, full circle CODE 3 signal, the bar can be ordered with one or more SelectAlert rotating pods. This option is ideal for traffic cars or other vehicles which, at times, need strong warning to protect them from rear-end collision while at the same time not desiring to interfere with the flow of on-coming traffic.

The option includes a heavy duty, three-position switch which, when placed in the first position, causes the light to operate to give approximately 100 degrees of rear-only coverage. Depending on the strength of the rear signal desired, one, two, or all four pods can be ordered as SelectAlert rotating pods. Advancing the control switch to the extreme position causes the bar to produce the regular, all-around CODE 3 signal.

In the rear-only mode of operation, each selectAlert pod requires about (3) amperes for operation. SelectAlert rotating pods are frequently used in combination with lens inserts to produce special warning signals.

SelectAlert Power Saver

SelectAlert power saver is an inexpensive option that provides a choice between the full-strength CODE 3 signal, produced by operating all lamps, and a reduced strength, but still effective, signal from fewer lamps. This option is advantageous on many emergency vehicles where the electrical system is operating close to its capacity, particularly at idle speeds.

When responding, the three-position switch is placed in the extreme position and the light bar operates in the normal manner. On reaching the scene, the signal and electrical load can be reduced, if desired, by moving the switch to the first position. The reduced-level warning can be either driver’s side, outboard pod only (5 amperes) or outboard pods, both sides (10 amperes).