The all-new Ranger Strobe Bar (model LL 300) has been completely re-designed. It includes unique features not found in any other light/sound system. The Ranger is completely solid state with no moving parts. It provides two 1-1/2 million candle power strobe circuits that operate independently of one another, plus 4 incandescent 35,000 C.P. bulbs located at the in-board section of the bar. The Ranger Bar is completely pre-wired. The power cord which extends from the left side is hooked into a two-switch system. One switch operates the strobe lights; the other operates the incandescent lights.

When all lights are flashing the power drain is approximately 14 amps; if the incandescent flashing lights located at the in-board section of the bar are turned off, the power drain for the 3 million C.P. strobes drops to approximately 4 amps. This means that the emergency vehicle may be parked for extended periods of time with the engine turned off, while the officer is away from his vehicle.

The Ranger Bar is mounted on an anodized aluminum extrusion that has a center speaker housing made of durable ABS plastic and two lens covers made from acrylic D.R. (damage resistant) material. The acrylic lenses offer extremely high optic quality and will not scratch easily or gloss over the way that other plastic materials do. In addition to being very attractive and extremely functional, the design will allow the light bar to easily pass-through car washes and cut down on wind drag. All exposed hardware is stainless steel including the side rails, the speaker grilles and screws.

The electronic circuit board may be easily removed from the bar for servicing by removing (4) screws from the base of the circuit and disconnecting it from the terminal strip. The incandescent seal beam lights are housed in a high impact plastic housing that is easily accessible for changing of light bulbs.

In addition to the round Fresnal Lens surrounding the Xenon Flash Tube that gives excellent 360-degree visibility, there is a flat high intensity Fresnal Lens to protect a high intensity strobe beam down the highway. This flat Fresnal Lens may be located either in the back or the front of the light bar. The standard position is to the front of the bar unless otherwise specified.

Servicing the Ranger is easy. Simply back off (6) screws (not removing them) allow the end channel and side channels to be removed; this then allows the lens cover to be removed.

The mounting system of Ranger is by far the best design on any light/sound system. Two slide channels run the entire length of the bar with permanent mounting blocks installed inside the track. The feet assemblies are screwed into the block and can be set in any position on the bar. Once the feet assemblies have been bolted to each end, the bar is ready to be mounted on the vehicle. The whole operation takes 10 minutes.

The Ranger Bar can be mounted on compact cars or on large trucks either with or without the rain gutters. The rubber padded foot will always set in a position where it is flat on the roof regardless of the curvature of the roof and can be located at the strongest point on the roof top, therefore, no dents may be pulled into the top of the car when tightening down on the mounting bolts. The four (4) tie down points with J hooks completely eliminates any vibration or rattle that would occur with high-speed driving or frequent use of automatic car washes.


The Ranger Strobe Bar is available with options of built-in alley lights that have 160,000 C.P. Quartz Halogen bulbs. High intensity warning lights may be installed on the front of the bar or a cut-out may be made at the in-board section of the lens port and a steady burning high intensity light may be put in place of the flashing light that is normally located there.


Length: 50 Inches

Height: 1-1/4 Inches

Width: 12 Inches

Weight: 33 Pounds

Base: 1-Piece extruded aluminum with weather resistant anodized finish

Hardware: All exposed hardware is stainless steel to prevent the formation of any rust

Lens Covers: 17-1/2 inches long produced from high impact acrylic damage resistant material

Optics: Designed for maximum utilization of the Xenon flash tubes by incorporating the use of the round and the flat high intensity Fresnel lens on each end of the bar plus four (4) high intensity 35,000 candle power sealed beam lights

Flash Tubes & Bulbs: Xenon Flash Tube Model #LL809 gaseous discharge no filament; rated life 3,000 hours; flash rate approximately 90 times per minute; each side with the candle power rating of 1-1/2 million from each bulb. The incandescent bulbs are GE Model #4416 35,000 candle power seal beams with the rated life of approximately 300 hours.

Electronics: All solid-state plug-in circuitry. Each side of the Ranger Strobe Bar contains one 15 joule strobe circuit that is completely independent from the other. The total amperage drain is 4 amps operating at 12 volts with an operating range between 10.8 and 16.8 volts. Circuitry has polarity protection so that no damage will be caused by improper installation. Strobe circuitry is guaranteed for a period of 1 year. The incandescent lights are operated by (2) flashers. One flasher is connected to the seal beams facing the front and one flasher is connected to the two seal beams facing the rear. The bulbs will flash in an alternating pattern.

Speaker Housing: Made from high impact ABS plastic allows one or two 75 watt or 100 watt speakers to be easily installed by removing the front grill housing.


Lectric Lites Model LL300 – This bar has inner V mirrors and (4) lens refractors on each strobe tube.

Lectric Lites Ranger LL300 strobe lightbar with (2) 360 outer strobes, (4) PAR 36 inner flashers, and red and blue covers.

Lectric Lites Ranger LL300 strobe bar with clear covers, red sealed beam bulbs, and red lenses around the flash tubes.

Lectric Lites Ranger LL300 strobe bar with red covers.


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