Florida Highway Patrol Unmarked SSP Mustang

Just because you want to own and drive a SSP Mustang the way it was used in service, doesn’t mean you have to drive a ‘marked’ one. There are agencies out there that used the Mustangs as both marked, and unmarked patrol vehicles. Case in point is this 1992 calypso green Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) SSP Mustang.

This car was listed on ebay during the past year, and even came with emergency lighting, siren, and radio.

This is not an idea setup for the equipment. The FHP communications radio is mounted to the side of the console, and the radio head is mounted on the dash. The radio should actually be mounted in the trunk with the radio head on the dash. The siren is shown mounted on the console, and should actually be mounted to the side of the console where the radio is improperly mounted. These are easy things to correct.

Here’s another example of a radio and siren setup;

Also note the blue pancake style dash light (second photo up). It’s been reported that the FHP used different styles of blue dashlights. Most people restoring unmarked FHP Mustangs use the pancake style. Florida used blue Code 3 Deckblaster strobes in the rear window. These are cheap and easy to locate used.

This car doesn’t have a RADAR unit in it. But that’s OK, be a boss. Some of these cars were used by supervisors, so they may not have even had a RADAR unit in them.

As you can see, there are alternatives to owning a restored SSP Mustang that’s fully marked with a lightbar on top. Go find an unmarked unit, and enjoy it!

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