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  1. Mars light

    FS Firehawk

    Thanks, I think FS used the red and white Firehawk to create another market for their Streethawk module lightbar system.
  2. Mars light

    FS Firehawk

    Some days later with the next new parts. And the first dome ist finished. The starting point wasn't that easy. There are still a few "craters", but they are so deep to remove them makes no sense.
  3. Mars light

    FS Firehawk

    Since the red base of the Firehawk makes a certain fascination to me, I also want to create a lightbar like this. I started with NOS black base parts, NOS frame partes and reproduction of labels and type markings. the bases parts were painted fire red in a paint shop. I think the result is...
  4. Mars light

    Hey from NY

    Welcome here. I´m very interested in your project. Can you please give us some impressions about the actual status.
  5. Mars light

    Wanted Streethawk domes

    Looking for a clear or blue center dome. And if you have: blue end domes
  6. Mars light

    Another German Collector

    Hi Sascha, nice to see another German collector here. :)
  7. Mars light


    Nice to see you here:)
  8. Mars light

    Collection of Mars light

    Thats correct 😁 But it means a lot of effort to represent all the collection items in pics. Her you can find the whole collection with much more lights: http://www.sondersignalanlagen.com/forumdisplay.php?f=135
  9. Mars light

    Collection of Mars light

    ARROW Type 530 clear dome Type 531 clear dome BOSCH 6x RKLE110 (red, amber, green, clear, blue, purple) Code 3 XL9000 mini lightbar with clear dome Dietz 3x 7-40 (amber, blue, red) Federal Signal Jetstream JM Mini clear Jetsonic JS-1 AeroDynic 24X AeroDynic 22H AeroDynic 22I custom NYPD...
  10. Mars light

    Moin from northern Germany

    Hi Benno, very cool to see an other German lighbar guy here.
  11. Mars light

    What was the first lightbar...

    AeroDynic was the first. The second was the S&W SuperSystem lighbars.
  12. Mars light

    Hi from Sweden

    Hi Patrik, welcome here. Schön dich hier auch anzutreffen.
  13. Mars light


    Nice to see you here
  14. Mars light

    What was the first lightbar...

    Streethawk was introduced later as AeroDynic. The first Aeros had the bayonet style sockets for the 795 bulbs, later the H1 sockets
  15. Mars light

    What was the first lightbar...

    I guess the AeroDynic or XL5000.
  16. Mars light

    Mars light

    Most of the collection is US stuff. Some East German beacon. Yes, here in Europe the blue is darker (cobaltblue) and aka DIN blue.
  17. Mars light

    MINN SSP 89

    The b-bodies of Dodge and Plymouth (Satellite, Fury, Coronet, Monaco) are my absolute favorit body shapes for cars from the 70s.
  18. Mars light

    Wanted Dietz dome 77-234

    Looking for a red or clear dome #77-234 for the Dietz beacon 7-40
  19. Mars light

    Mars light

    Hi guys, I´m a German collector of US lightbars and beacons since over 20 years and now here to find a new/other place to talk to other collectors and hopefully good discussions about restoring of vintage emergency lights.