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  1. OSP959(R)

    hello from the Northcoast

    An Ohio Sheriff cruiser. Which County? Lake Geauga Ashtabula Portage Trumbull
  2. OSP959(R)

    1995 Chevy Camaro B4C Police Package

    I found this 1995 B4C Chevy Camaro that sold last year (2021) at Barrett Jackson for $13,750. The Chevrolet Camaro B4C is a Chevrolet Camaro equipped with a “Special Service” police package, also known as B4C Special Equipment Options (SEO) code. The package was offered on the Camaro between...
  3. OSP959(R)

    1982 CHP Mustang Finds New Life

    I found this 1982 SSP Ford Mustang on Flickr Former California Highway Patrol car. These photos were taken at the 2013 New South Wales All American Day, held at Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Castle Hill, Sydney. The California Highway Patrol purchased 406 Ford Mustangs in 1982, and this...
  4. OSP959(R)

    Interesting CL Find, latest project light

    I remember seeing the former NYPD bars in the Galls catalog back in the late 80's. Wish I had snagged one back then. What are your plans?
  5. OSP959(R)

    What is the centerpiece of your collection?

    Man great bars but I especially love that Twinsonic! I love the older bars with clear lenses.
  6. OSP959(R)

    Code 3 MX-7000?

    I've wanted to experiment with replacing the bulbs with LED bulbs. Check out: https://code3garage.com/equipment/converting-a-halogen-lightbar-to-led-for-under-100/ It will depend on whether your MX7000 has the H1 or bayonet style bulbs. As far as the bracket, if you can't find one you can...
  7. OSP959(R)

    What is the centerpiece of your collection?

    This is a hard one. I have each lightbar used as a Trooper, police officer, and even a green Streethawk from my days as a security guard. I moved to a new house in January with a building that I plan to display my lights in. They've been stored in my daughters attic for the last 4 years, so it...
  8. OSP959(R)

    Code 3 MX-7000?

    I love the MX7000. It's like the Legos of lightbars. So many difference configurations. There's a bunch of parts for these on ebay. Are you wanting a bracket that fits in the top of the door jamb and is screwed in place?
  9. OSP959(R)

    FS Firehawk

    I never understood why Federal Signal used the FireHawk name on StreetHawks. That bar looks like it's going to be pretty interesting when you're done though.
  10. OSP959(R)

    Lighthead removal question (Yankee 911?)

    Thanks again. The endcaps look great!
  11. OSP959(R)

    Hey from NY

    Welcome! Let's see some pics. :)
  12. OSP959(R)

    Federal Signal Model 18 Restoration

    Wow that's a beautiful light!
  13. OSP959(R)

    Another German Collector

    Welcome! Checked out the videos....
  14. OSP959(R)

    Lighthead removal question (Yankee 911?)

    What's the white spot on the top near the end? IDK. I'm cheap. I don't want to insult you. Is the relay good? I'm guessing it's the round 3-prong relay that looks like a turn signal relay. The flash slow when they get older. Did it have a holder? If the relay is good? How much for the dome, end...
  15. OSP959(R)

    Lighthead removal question (Yankee 911?)

    Interesting. I don't think I've ever seen NAPA end caps before. Are you selling the caps?
  16. OSP959(R)

    Lighthead removal question (Yankee 911?)

    Yep, the YMPC lenses are pretty common. What color are the domes? Were either of the end caps intact? I'm always on the lookout for decent Yankee end caps.
  17. OSP959(R)

    Lighthead removal question (Yankee 911?)

    There's probably a snap ring on the bottom.