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66 Dodge Polara ex-CHP persuit car


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In 1976 I worked on and drove a female cousins 1966 Polara that recently had been bought at a chp auction and it had a high performance 426 wedge I overhauled the AFB carburetor and tuned it up it had HP426 stamped on a raised pad next to the dual point distributor a mechanic I knew that worked on CHP cars here in Sacramento told me it was a high speed persuit vehicle and they rated the 426 at 390 horsepower at the time I was a mechanic for the City of Sacramento and I got permission to use the Sun machine at night and after the tuneup I left at 3 am and headed south on 29th street next to the elevated portion of the freeway now this Dodge ran smooth as glass like a grandmas grocery getter and as I got close to the T street on ramp I pushed the gas pedal to the floor and it down shifted into low at 40 mph and went through the intersection like a rocket at 70 mph just on the other side of the intersection it shifted into second and at the top of the on-ramp at 115 mph it shifted into high and hit 141 as I crossed highway 50 then just passed the interchange a Sacramento cop lit me up and I stopped under the 5th Avenue over crossing the first words he said was what does this car have in it? My police car has a 440 and you left me in the dust so I told him this a CHP HIPO 426 and he said I know you work for the City I’m just giving you a verbal warning take it easy ok ?