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Does anyone have the SoundOff nErgy controller setup program?


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There's only one way to increase activity on a forum, someone's got to post!

Getting a "new" car next week, sadly it's got the SoundOff nErgy controller as opposed to BluePrint. Oh well, is what it is, and I'm not going to drop $1000 to upgrade a 127,000 mile car.

Rather than reprogram the controller through the face, I'd much prefer do it via the computer. SoS no longer offers the program, does anyone have it?


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@Aaron the forum isn't open for people to register and post until January 1st. If you log out you'll see the message at the top of the forum.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we'll get new people to register and someone will have a reply then.


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Ah. No worries, I didn't expect a reply and I doubt someone even has the software, was just trying to bump the post count. I should have a bunch of Ions for sale shortly, I'll list them when the forum "opens"


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So, interestingly enough, I had to tear into the console of this car to add a radio, and what do I see hanging out in the back? A BluePrint Central Controller.

Well, that makes this easy.