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FS Firehawk

Mars light

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Since the red base of the Firehawk makes a certain fascination to me, I also want to create a lightbar like this.

I started with NOS black base parts, NOS frame partes and reproduction of labels and type markings.


the bases parts were painted fire red in a paint shop. I think the result is convincing.

Mars light

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Some days later with the next new parts.

And the first dome ist finished. The starting point wasn't that easy.

There are still a few "craters", but they are so deep to remove them makes no sense.


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I never understood why Federal Signal used the FireHawk name on StreetHawks.

That bar looks like it's going to be pretty interesting when you're done though.

Mars light

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Thanks, I think FS used the red and white Firehawk to create another market for their Streethawk module lightbar system.