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Interesting CL Find, latest project light

Stampeed Valkyrie

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Cross posting this on elb..

So with the fading away of the Covids.. things are starting to pop back up again.

I found this somewhat locally, and there are some questions popping up about where it originally was used, and if it was an NYPD Fullsize bar.. which is very much a unicorn maybe even more so then the 24RMC.
Aerodynic Model 24RVF-1Z. Was pulled from a rollback, and was literally 20 minutes away from NYC which also leads credence to my thought process.

375 374 373


So why do I think this was an NYPD bar.. because of the tag designation, and its relative distance to NYC. Why might it not be an NYPD bar.. the bar is not setup like an NYPD bar, however you can essentially just flip the speaker grille and that would do it.
The bulbs in the rotators are not correct.. should be 4416 and these are 7400s.

For those not in the know at one point sites like Galls were selling ex NYPD equipment surplus all over the US. I have encountered several that were used on Wreckers.. not surprised as its perfect for it.

It really just needs a good cleaning and the domes need some TLC.


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I remember seeing the former NYPD bars in the Galls catalog back in the late 80's. Wish I had snagged one back then.

What are your plans?

Stampeed Valkyrie

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Good Question, that all depends on what I can scrounge up dome wise. I have some NOS domes still sitting around from past projects, and I was debating setting it up like some I have seen for the FDNY.

I think I am going to go the cheapest option and use whatever I have on hand TBH.

As for converting it to NYPD format.. I already have one.