Georgia State Patrol Ford Bronco II

This photo of a Georgia State Patrol (GSP) Ford Bronco II surfaced in an internet search, and the quest to find more information has been slow.

In December 2013 Bobby Edwards (kapracing) got information on every GSP bought between 1983 and 1991. Knowing U14 was a VIN code for the Bronco II, Bobby was able to check his records and find the VIN 1FMCU14S7FUB63961 for a blue 1985 Ford Bronco II. The records showed that it is Perm # 5029 originally assigned to Troop I Post 35 which is Jekyll Island. Jekyll Island is a small island of resorts and residential /vacation homes near Brunswick GA. The Bronco II was assigned to Badge # 626.

Searching through his information, Bobby Found two more Bronco II’s:

1983 Ford Bronco II (sold as a 1984 model year) VIN 1FMCU14T3GLL22970
1987 Ford Bronco II 1FMCU14T5HUC22593

All were blue in color.

The 1983 was used at the Garage and Governor Mansion.
The 1987 was assigned to post 35 Jekyll Island.

If you have any information on any of the Georgia State Patrol Bronco II’s, please use the contact button below.

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