The Shape for Speed

Sleek and stable, the aerodynamic LP 6000™ lightbar from Code 3® delivers the light you need, meeting or exceeding industry warning standards. Like its sister bars from Code 3, the LP 6000 offers a full line of powerful features to fit the needs of your lightbar.

  • Incandescent or halogen stationary lights
  • Center speaker or all-light models
  • Alley lights (single or double)
  • D.O.T. strips
  • Mini takedown light pairs
  • Stop/turn/tail lights
  • OsciLaser™ and more

General Specifications:

  • Standard and Build-Your-Own bar options
  • Red, blue, clear and amber polycarbonate lens & filter options
  • Halogen rotators
  • Mounting kit & adapter included on standard bars
  • Incandescent or halogen stationary lights
  • 15 feet of cable standard
  • 38″, 43″, 47″, 55″ length versions
  • 4.875″ high x 11.25″ wide
  • “Opticom” is a registered trademark of 3M Corp.

Unique Features:

  • StingRay® rotators
  • Unique D-Tech® rotators
  • Alley lights (single or dual)
  • Stationary flashing lights
  • Takedown lights
  • High speed rotators
  • OsciLaser™ option
  • Opticom™

Standard Options:

  • Center stainless steel speaker cover or all-light models

Premium Options:

  • 28w or 50w stationary lights
  • Alley lights (single or double)
  • Flashing Stationary lights
  • Takedown lights
  • OsciLaser™
  • StingRay Rotators
  • High speed rotators
  • Clear Bull’s-eye Inserts
  • for Alley or Takedown Lights
  • Twin Mini Rotators
  • Opticom™ or Priority Green™ emitter

Code 3 LP6000 Models:

Internal Components:


Code 3 LP6000 Installation and Operation Manual

Code 3 LP6000 Lightbar Models


In the photo above the speaker grill is actually on backwards. You’re looking at the rear of the lightbar.

Here’s the bar with the speaker grill on the right way. Notice the rotating lights on each side of the speaker grill. These are StingRay rotators. Each has a relay in front of it that controls the light. When activated the rotator sweeps back and forth instead of rotating a full circle. You can see them in action in the last video below.