An engineering triumph, the Code 3 XL combines aerodynamic design with the proven CODE 3 sealed beam signal and mechanical drive train to provide exceptional performance. Equally important, the CODE 3 XL is an affordable product, priced within the reach of any departments budget. Any lens colors, lamp colors, or options available on the standard CODE 3 light bar are available on the CODE 3 XL.

Improved Mileage

In test after test the CODE 3 XL has consistently outperformed other bar light systems. While gas savings are very much a function of the size and style of the car being tested and the skill of the driver, CODE 3 XL performance on all vehicles has been impressive.

On current model full size vehicles typical of those used by most law enforcement agencies, a CODE 3 XL equipped vehicle achieved 97% of the fuel economy of same vehicle operating “clean roof”. Run at a constant 55 miles per hour, these tests are representative of highway patrol work. As a point of reference, the same vehicle equipped with the rectangular warning light bars most commonly used today average less than 90% of clean roof. Other more aerodynamic products ranged from 90% to 95% of clean roof.

Trouble Free Drive Train And Sealed Beam Optics

Incorporating the same drive train, powerful independent motors, sealed beam lamps, and premium construction as standard CODE 3 light bars, the CODE 3 XL combines proven performance with a new shape to meet the needs of the future.

Years of automotive experience have proven that no open reflector light source performs as well as sealed beam lamps. Relatively inexpensive, sealed beam lamps are long lived and provide exceptionally well focused light beams.

Maximum Performance With Moderate Electrical Input

Available with either regular sealed beam incandescent lamps or at extra cost halogen sealed beam lamps, the CODE 3 XL provides the outstanding CODE 3 warning signal. This sparkling, scintillating signal is projected forward, backward and all around the vehicle.

While CODE 3 signal produced by regular incandescent sealed beams has proven more than satisfactory on thousands of emergency vehicles, even more light can be obtained using halogen sealed beam lamps. These lamps requiring virtually no additional energy deliver almost twice the maximum beam candlepower. At 12 volts, a CODE 3 XL light bar requires only about 20 amperes.

Models And Sizes

CODE 3 XL light bars are available in five sizes to fit any vehicle. CODE 3 XL light bars are 6-1/6 inches high and 14-1/2 inches deep.

CODE 3 XL Model 9000 Short:

Full size performance for compact and subcompact cars. The enclosed center of the CODE 3 XL Model 9000 Short permits installation of either a PSE 58 or PSE 100 siren speaker. Length 46.5 inches. Weight 31 lbs. (without speaker or custom options)

CODE 3 XL Model 9000 Regular:

The new standard of excellence. Center space is provided for one PSE 58, PSE 100 or PSE 200 siren speaker. The CODE 3 XL Regular is the finest available light bar for all newer intermediate and standard sized automobiles. Length 49 inches. Weight 32 lbs. (without speaker or custom options)

CODE 3 XL Model 9000 Long:

Additional length for improved appearance and performance on larger vehicles. Ample space is available under the center cover of the CODE 3 XL Model 9000 Long for one or two PSE 58 or PSE 100 siren speakers or a single PSE 200 speaker. Length 55.5 inches. Weight 35 lbs. (without speaker or custom options)

CODE 3 XL Model 9000 Extra Long:

The bar sized for vans, pickups and commercial cab trucks. The extra long bar looks and fits right without the use of extension kits. Space is available for one or two PSE 58 or PSE 100 speakers or a PSE 200 speaker. Length 65 inches. Weight 38 lbs. (without speaker or custom options)

CODE 3 XL Model 9300 (77-inches long):

The ultimate in performance and style for the finest custom equipment. The CODE 3 Model 9300 is the obvious choice to protect the pride of the department. The center covers permit mounting one or two PSE 58, PSE 100 or PSE 200 speakers.

CODE 3 XL All-Light:

These two COCE 3 XL packages are unbeatable for agencies that are using front mounted speakers. A basic model FourAlarm with eight rotating units and four bi-directional mirrors can produce an incredible 1344 flashes per minute!

If high total flash rate doesn’t fit your needs, there’s room in the center lens modules for a wide variety of performance and utility options. You can’t find a sealed beam light bar with the power and versatility of this pair anywhere except CODE 3.

Length of the FourAlarm Model 9400AL is 74.5 inches. Eight 53 lbs.

ThreeAlarm Model 9300AL is 56.5 inches. Weight 42.5 lbs.

Mounting For Any Vehicle

Attachment to the vehicle can be accomplished by using any of the four mounting kits that provide hook-on, extended hook-on, gutter or permanent mounting. CODE 3 bars are supplied fully prewired, and with heavy duty control switches. Siren speakers are not included in the cost of the bar. A variety of SelectAlert and NightProbe options can be ordered to further extend the usefulness of the CODE 3 light bar. These options, which are at extra cost, must be factory installed.

The CODE 3 XL Model 9000 Extra Long shown above gives large cab trucks and vans the warning signal they need, all the way out to the edges of the vehicle.

The CODE 3 Light Brigade

The Internal Components

The CODE 3 XL came with a center speaker section, stationary lights that could serve as flashers or takedowns, reflective mirrors, and inboard and outboard rotators that shared a motor and were driven by a belt. Each side had it’s own motor so the rotators on each side could be synched together, but each side of the light bar was independent and was not synched by the same drive system. The bulbs were 35 watt incandescent PAR 36 bulbs.

The typical setup was an outboard 180 degree rotator with a 120 degree inboard rotator. The thought as to why CODE 3 used the 120 degree rotator was that the “pause” of the irregular flash pattern gave the eye a moment to “adjust” to the lack of active light output (pupil expands) making the next flash appear brighter. Or simply that it was an off-beat eye catching flash pattern.

CODE 3 offered a triple rotator instead of the 120 degree rotator on some XL lightbars.

Here’s a look at the CODE 3 XL drive motor.

Another option was the Stinger.

The stinger moved left and right while moving up and down to help grab attention. You can see its operation in the last video on this page.

Other options were the SelectAlert and NightProbe.