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NOTICE Rules / Guidelines For This Section


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Forum Rules:

1) Please include your location, a photo, and the price of the items you're selling.

2) Please update the thread title prefix to 'SOLD!' when the items are sold, or 'Delete' if you decide to no longer list the items.

Beware of Scammers:

Beware of members that you're not familiar with, or whose only posts are in regards to items for sale. You can see their activity by clicking on their user name and viewing their profile.

If you suspect a scammer, please report them right away.

It's always best if you can conduct your transactions in person, but often it's not practical when you find things for sale on the internet.

I would recommend that you use Paypal, and never send cash, checks, or money orders. Paypal charges the seller a 3% (.03) fee for transactions, unless it's a gift or money owed. Beware of seller that don't want to pay the fee, and want you to send them money as a 'gift' or 'money owed'. Your transaction will not be insured. That means if you get screwed over, Paypal will not give you your money back.

Never ship an item before you've received payment.

Always get a tracking number to verify the item was shipped/received. Get a photo of the item before it's shipped in case it's damaged, or not what you bought upon receiving it.

This won't give you 100% protection, but it will improve the odds against getting ripped off.
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