The 1985 Special Service Package Ford Mustang is one of my all time favorite Mustangs. Of the agencies to use these Mustangs, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) Mustang is my favorite. I mean just look at it. The gray paint, black wheels, and roll bar give it an aggressive look.

These cars weren’t always marked. Here you can see one sitting on the shoulder of the highway with no markings, and no visible antenna (antenna was hidden). You can see the (2) blue Whelen Dashmaster strobe lights in the rear window, and the radar antenna on the dash.

The radio antenna on the unmarked cars were hidden behind the rear bumper.

Also note that there isn’t a roll bar in these photos. The Kentucky State Police didn’t add the roll bar until later to protect Troopers during high speed situations. Not all of the Mustangs received them. Some of them had already been retired.

Here you can see inside the car. The Mustangs were equipped with a MPH S80 radar, VASCAR, Whelen siren, and a GE Mastr radio.

The front of the car had (2) blue Whelen grill lights and alternating(wig-wag) headlights.

The Kentucky State Police ordered (10) 1985 SSP Ford Mustangs:

Year Last (6) Of The VIN DSO Last Known Owner Notes
1985 227463 28-0271 Steve Nelson
1985 227464 28-0271 Mark Cool
1985 227465 28-0271 Last info registered in Pennsylvania
1985 227466 28-0271 Last info registered in Canada
1985 227467 28-0271 Tip Smith Featured HERE
1985 227468 28-0271 Last info registered in Ohio
1985 227469 28-0271 Possibly totaled after auction
1985 227470 28-0271 Last registered in 2003 Evarts Kentucky
1985 227471 28-0271 Last registered in 2001 Baxter Kentucky
1985 227472 28-0271 Ray Patterson

There are some 1985 Kentucky State Police SSP Mustangs out there somewhere unaccounted for. The one shown below was for sale in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area.

More Photos:

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Restored Kentucky State Police 1985 SSP Ford Mustang

Kentucky State Police 1990 Ford Mustang