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A A Ron


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Hey all, Law Enforcement end user here in the US. Taught myself pretty much everything I know, but credit to my Dad for giving me the drive to figure stuff out.

Got issued a 2002 CVPI a while back with an MX7000. Loved the bar, hated that I could have MX or AC, not both. Bribed the shops guys into putting a LED Code3 2100 from a wrecked car on mine, but when I got it the bar was setup completely wrong. Functions not working, multiple modules unplugged, and terrible flash patterns. They told me they didn't have time to fix it, but he handed me a wiring diagram and told me he'd have my back as long as I used fuses. Copy that!

Ever since then I've upgraded, fixed, etc every car I've been assigned.

Getting a 2016 Taurus next week. It's got a terrific SoundOff Signal upfit, the only downside is it was the generation just prior to BluePrint, so it's got an nErgy 400. I'll be posting a thread on it soon. Adding a HLF, changing flash patterns, reprogramming the control head.


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The MX7000 was still my all-time favorite bar. Really loved those intersection sweeps.

Back in the day I wanted a pair of Unity spotlights for my truck so I could have some directional lights when offroading at night. The radio shop fixed me up with two that had been replaced with shiny new chrome ones. It's always good to be nice to those guys. 😃👍

BTW, A A Ron reminds me of one of Key & Peele's skits. :LOL:


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Thank you! I too love the MX, and our's were well setup also. That agency no longer has any in service. No idea what happened to them all.

No Taurus yet, hopefully this coming week. Still pushing the Explorer around. It's not terrible, comfortable and low miles, but I want the Taurus. Explorer has a Code3 Defender dual-color bar, dual color grill modules, HLF/TLF, and a Code3 dual color stick in the rear window. But it was setup pretty poorly, and I have taken the time to fix it. And probably won't with the Taurus coming.