The Federal Signal Aerodynic appeared in 1977 as the Model 24 and was a huge improvement over other fully enclosed light bars such as the TwinSonic. This new light bar had an aerodynamic shape, and the lenses could be configured in a variety of colors. It also offered stationary flashers, take down lights, and alley lights instead of having to add them to the outside of the light bar.

Over the years the AeroDynic would change and use terms to specify the type of change:

  • AeroDynic – The original AeroDynic design used synchronized rotating light assemblies the were all connected by gears and driven by a single motor.
  • AeroTwinSonic – An AeroDynic with the rotating light assemblies from a TwinSonic light bar. The light was still labeled as an AeroDynic.
  • AeroDynic ADL4800/5200 – A 48-inch or 52-inch AeroDynic that used rotating light assemblies with individual motors from a StreetHawk light bar.
  • AeroHawk – A 72-inch AeroDynic with rotating light assemblies with individual motors from a StreetHawk light bar.
  • AeroDynic Solaris – An AeroDynic light bar with Solaris LED lights

AeroDynic Time Line:

  • Federal Model 24 Aerodynic – 1977
  • Federal Model 22 Mini Aerodynic -1982
  • Federal Model 25 Aerodynic All Light – 1984
  • Federal Model AD-4800 / 5200 Aerodynic -1990
  • Federal Model ADL Aerodynic – 1992
  • 1977-1978 AeroDynic had metal stationary lamp holders
  • 1979- AeroDynic had ABS plastic stationary lamp holders
  • All AeroTwinsonics and synchronized rotator Aerodynics used the Series 3 motor.
  • 22(H) Mini-Aerodynic 1982-1992*
  • 22i Mini-Aerodynic 1989-2013
  • 22ADX Solaris LED 2005*-2014
  • Mirrors guarding the center section only on alley light models- reflects light so that flashes are visible on the ends of the bar.
  • 24 Aerodynic 1977-1993*
  • 24C/CA California 1977-1980*
  • 24 Aero-Twinsonic 1982-1993*
  • 24 RMVF 1985*-1992*
  • 24 RMVF-2Z 1988-1992*
  • 24 RMC 1993 Only sold to San Bernardino, CA PD
  • 24 Aero-Twin all-light 1989-1993*
  • 24 RQL- independent 1989-2013
  • 25 All light 1984-1993*
  • 25RWL-all light 1980-1993*
  • 25RWL-I independent 1989-2013
  • AD-4800/5200 1990*-2013 Independent rotators with speaker section
  • ADL-all light, independent 1992*-2013
  • ADX Solaris LED Versions 2005*-2014

Fuel Saving Air Flow Proven In Wind Tunnel

AeroDynic is the first light/sound system that may save you money. Tests performed by the United States Auto Club at Indianapolis Speedway show that the AeroDynic 24 tested can reduce fuel costs when compared to other popular enclosed light bars.

A Lockheed Aircraft wind tunnel was used to test aerodynamic drag. AeroDynic was found to create significantly less drag when tested against TwinSonic, the most widely used equipment of its kind. This translates into higher top vehicle speed and increased gas mileage.

Old Style: Smoke pattern shows turbulent air flow over the old style light/sound system in wind tunnel test.

AeroDynic: Smoke shows smooth air flow over AeroDynic. Lessened drag contributes to better fuel economy, higher top speed.

The AeroDynic System – A Total System

The handsome aerodynamically designed housing of the Federal AeroDynic contains virtually every form of light and sound you’ll need for emergency vehicle functions. Inside the housing you’ll find lighting and drive units built to Federal’s standards for reliability and low maintenance. Now take a look at some of the optional features that make AeroDynic the total system.

(AeroDynic light bar with Visibeam)

Visibeam Option – You can extend your surveillance and emergency light function with Federal’s powerful and versatile Visibeam searchlight. Mounted on top of the speaker housing, the Visibeam does not interfere with the sound system. The beam tilts 90 degrees upward, 30 degrees downward and rotates full circle in either direction. Halogen lamp is rated at 110,000 candelas and 250 hour life. Tests showed that Visibeam with the aerodynamic fairing did not increase drag or fuel consumption.

(Visibeam control)

Visibeam Control – The Visibeam control module has a six-foot coiled cord extension which allows you to position the Visibeam searchlight from outside your vehicle as well as from within.

End Lamps – With the unique AeroDynic safety feature you gain better identification, depth perception and clearance fix. End lamps can give a real margin of safety for motorists and your own personnel.

Alley Lamps – Now, independently controlled halogen sealed beam alley lamps are an integral part of an enclosed system. Fast, efficient side surveillance is at your fingertips.

(Federal Model TS200 Speaker)

Sound System – Federal’s Model TS200 speaker system, especially designed for the AeroDynic series, gives you the kind of power you use to get from two side-by-side speakers. Better yet, this 200-watt speaker delivers a more uniform audible signal, without the cancellation effect inherent in side-by-side speakers. All this power and efficiency are housed in an area just ten inches wide.

Crossfire Oscillating Light – This new federal warning light projects an “X” pattern of light in advance of the vehicle to clear intersections and by flashing in rear view mirrors, moves other drivers out of your way. Can be mounted in the two center clear dome segments of the Aerodynic 25 all-light bar.


Meteor Traffic Clearing Light (TCLF25-A) – The Meteor™ Traffic Clearing Light provides crucial warning in areas such as intersections. Its “M” pattern moves both horizontally and vertically in a 59′ x 27′ signalling area to command
the attention of traffic in front of the emergency vehicle.


(AeroDynic ADL4800 with dual Meteor traffic clearing lights)

AeroDynic – The Total Light Sound Systems

No other emergency light/sound system looks or performs like Federal’s AeroDynic. The AeroDynic series establishes new levels of performance for vehicle warning systems. Their aerodynamic design offers improved fuel economy and top speed for patrol vehicles. New lighting patterns, including Federal’s unique Synchronized Automatic Flash Effect (SAFE) give brighter, more compelling signals whether the vehicle in in motion or stationary.

The AeroDynic system fits any vehicle. From large truck units to sub-compact cars, there’s a system designed to fit; with light and sound or lights alone. All with new color combinations and light patterns, tailored to your specific warning requirements.

AeroDynic light/Sound systems are available in three sizes to suit all vehicles and budgets. The standard sized 24 series described is 52-9/16″ (1335 mm) long. The intermediate 24M series is 47-9/16″ (1209 mm) long and the compact 24S series is 42-9/16 (1082 mm)”. All three sizes are available with the end lamp and alley lamp features. The 24M and 24S series have 3 lamps on each side of the speaker housing instead of four as on the standard Model 24. When ordering the more compact models, add the appropriate letter, M or S, to the model number.

(AeroDynic Model 24)

Aerodynic Model 24 – Four rotating incandescent lights on each side of speaker. Unique Synchronized Automatic Flash Effect (SAFE) light pattern delivers a signal far more compelling and coherent than other systems.

Aerodynic Model 24H – Same as model 24A but with halogen rotating lights which double the light output.

(AeroDynic Model 24A)

Aerodynic Model 24A – Rotating incandescent lights on each side of the speaker enhanced by mirror flashes. Halogen sealed beam alley lights enclosed at each end provide powerful, wide beam side surveillance light. Alley lamps controlled individually and independently of rotating lights.

Aerodynic Model 24AH – Same as Model 24A but with halogen rotating lights which double the light output.

(AeroDynic Model 24E)

Aerodynic Model 24E – Three rotating incandescent lights on each side of the speaker, synchronized in unique SAFE light pattern, Two steady burning/flashing sealed beam end lamps at each end, facing front and rear. End lamps add safety by showing position an side clearance of your vehicle.

Aerodynic Model 24EH – Same as Model 24E but with halogen rotating lights which double the light output.

(AeroDynic Model 24EA)

Aerodynic Model 24EA – Same as Model 24E with the addition of halogen alley lamps at each end.

Aerodynic Model 24EAH – Same as Model 24EA but with halogen rotating lights which double the light output.

Aerodynic Model 24M & Model 24S – Adding a ‘M’ immediately after the 24 means that it is configured on an intermediate 47-9/16 inch bar. Adding a ‘S’ immediately after the 24 means it is configured on a compact 43-9/16 inch bar.

Here you can see the motor that turns the gears and all of the light assemblies. These lights can be positioned to flash in synch since they are gear driven from the same motor.

Above you can see where the gears are actually numbered.

AeroDynic All-Light Systems

Now there’s a professional solution for vehicles that do not require sound capability with a warning light system. Aerodynamic shape and a broad range of color combinations are just the beginning. Take a look at the possibilities for warning and traffic control in the Model 25 units. Designed to give you an extra margin of safety and fuel economy, these all-light systems give an extra margin of warning as well.

AeroDynic’s brilliant warning light patterns can tell motorists where you are and where you’re headed – or even direct traffic.

The ten lamp Model 25 is available in four versions with different flash sequences of its 42-watt incandescent lamps. Measuring 52-9/16″ long x 12-1/16″ wide x 7-9/32″ high, it’s suitable for standard and large vehicles.

The four-lamp Model 22 has two flash versions, each using 42-watt incandescent lamps or 55-watt halogen lamps for greater light output. Their small size (22-9/16″ long x 12-1/16″ wide x 7-9/32″ high) makes them suitable for the smallest vehicles, as well as large vehicles when mounted in pairs.

AeroDynic All-Light Basic Models:

Aerodynic Model 22  12A – Four incandescent lamps with alternating lamp flash sequence. (1-3-2-4 flash)

Aerodynic Model 22  12B – Incandescent rotating lights (1-2-2-1 flash)

Aerodynic Model 22H  12A – Same as 22* 12A except lamps are 55-watt halogen. (1-3-2-4 flash)

Aerodynic Model 22H  12B – Halogen rotating lights (1-2-2-1 flash)

Aerodynic Model 22  12B – Four incandescent lamps with wig-wag lamp flash sequence.

Aerodynic Model 25D  12 – Lamps are synchronized to provide a direction assist pattern to following vehicles. A continuous movement of flashes from right to left gives a left directional signal, from left to right for a right directional signal a four-lamp warning is seen by approaching vehicles.

Additional switching modes allow 360 degree two and four lamp wig-wag emergency signals. On two-lamp wig-wag, lamps 1 and 10 are lit; on four-lamp wig-wag, lamps 1, 2, 9,and 10 are lit. A control unit provides switching between modes.

Aerodynic Model 25  12A – Rotating incandescent lights provide Synchronized Automatic Flash Effect (SAFE) sequence across the light area.

Aerodynic Model 25  12B – Rotating incandescent lights provide a unique burst pattern. Every other light flashes in sequence.

Aerodynic Model 25T  12 – Rotating incandescent lights with the SAFE pattern and the exclusive five-lamp right and left turn signal feature. Easy switching between modes with control unit.

Aerodynic Model 25E – Rotating incandescent lights with end lamps.

Aerodynic Model 25EA – Rotating incandescent lights with end lamps and alley lights.

Aerodynic Model 25 EAH – Rotating halogen lights with end lamps and alley lights.

AeroDynic All Light Systems

AeroDynic Tag Model Codes

So here’s what each letter designation after the Model number means for AeroDynic Models:

S = Short
M = Medium
E = Front and rear end lamps for flashers or work lights
A = Alley lights
H = Halogen H55 bulbs
T = Takedown lights
C = California Specification steady red light capable
Z = Custom build for agency
R = Rotator designation for sealed beam series AeroDynic aka AeroTwinSonic
F = Front and rear flashers, mostly associated with AeroTwinSonics
V = V-mirrors
CF – Crossfire oscillating traffic clearing light

AeroDynic “Wrecker Special

Designed to give tow truck operators extra light to work by and higher visibility on the road. The time tested TwinSonic mechanism, with dual rotating sealed beam lamps, flashes the highly effective S.A.F.E. pattern of light to the rear. Also facing rearward are red stop-turn signals and work lights. Alternate flashing end lamps face forward. Dome segments are amber except for work lights and stop/turn signals. A sign plate within the four center/front segments is optional. 12 VDC

Aerodynic Model 25RWL – Wrecker Special w/work lights, 12 VDC

Aerodynic Model 25RWLS – Wrecker Special w/work lights, sign plate, 12 VDC

Aerodynic Model 25RWLI – Wrecker Special w/work lights and independent rotators and motors. 12 VDC


It appears that there was also a version of this light made using two individual rotators (Aerohawk) instead of the Twinsonic style rotators:

As well as a style with two individual rotators and stationary reflectors and bulbs instead of the PAR 36 stationary lights.

AeroTwinSonic – The Best of Two Worlds!

Cost effective light/sound bar incorporates the field proven mechanism of the TwinSonic with the style and versatility of the AeroDynic light bar. Two sealed beam rotating lamps on each end reflect on inner mirrors, providing a brilliant “hand clap” effect. Model available with single direction (R Models) signals or dual direction (X Models) signals. Wide choice of color configurations, halogen or incandescent lamps.

AeroTwinSonic Light/Sound System (Full size 52-9/16″)

Aerodynic Model 24R – AeroTwinSonic, front reflecting, 12 VDC

Aerodynic Model 24RQ – AeroTwinSonic, front reflecting, 12 VDC, halogen

Aerodynic Model 24 RVF – AeroTwinSonic, front and rear reflecting “V” mirrors, 12 VDC

Aerodynic Modex 24X – AeroTwinSonic, front and rear reflecting, 12 VDC

Aerodynic Model 24 XQ – AeroTwinSonic, front and rear reflecting, 12 VDC, halogen

AeroTwinSonic Light/Sound System, (Intermediate size 47-9/16″)

Aerodynic Model 24RMC – AeroTwinSonic, front reflecting, 12 VDC, halogen

Aerodynic Model 24XM – AeroTwinSonic, front and rear reflecting, 12 VDC

Aerodynic Model 24XMQ – AeroTwinSonic, front and rear reflecting, 12 VDC, halogen

Aerodynic Model 24RMVF – AeroTwinSonic with front and rear reflecting “V” mirrors, flashers, 12 VDC

AeroTwinSonic Light/Sound System (Compact size 43-9/16″)

Aerodynic Model 24XS – AeroTwinSonic, front and rear reflecting, 12 VDC

Aerodynic Model 24XSQ – Same as Model 24XS but halogen

AeroDynic AD / ADL / RQL / AH Lightbars

The Independent AeroDynic lightbar with its unique design flexibility is an enhanced version of the proven AeroDynic lightbar. Its innovative design delivers increased warning power with minimal amperage drain. With the AeroDynic lightbar, you can design your bar to meet your specific requirements, and still have the fuel efficiency and top speed which have been AeroDynic hallmarks.

Custom design flexibility allows you to choose from 48″ (121 cm) and 52″ (134 cm) base models (with or without speaker housing). Choose from models with preselected options, or design your own lightbar using factory installed options. A wide variety of factory installed options are available to meet your warning needs.

Each rotator unit contains a 55-watt halogen bulb with oversized reflector, and its own individual motor (95 Flashes Per Minute and 175 FPM available) for 80,000 candela of brilliant light output.

Aerodynic Model 22I is a 22″ mini-lightbar and includes: (2) 95 flashes per minute rotators and (2) V mirrors

Aerodynic Model 25RQl-FAST is a 52″ lightbar and includes: (2) 95 and (2) 175 flashes per minute rotators and (2) cascade mirrors.

Aerodynic Model 25RQL-TCLF is a 52″ lightbar and includes: (2) 95 flashes per minute rotators and (2) traffic clearing lights and (2) cascade mirrors.

Aerodynic Model ADL5202 is a 52″ lightbar and includes: (4) 95 and (2) 75 flashes per minute rotators.

Aerodynic Model ADL5256 is a 52″ lightbar and includes: (2) 95 and (2) 175 flashes per minute rotators and (2) traffic clearing lights.

Aerodynic Model AH1LC is a 72″ lightbar and incldues: (2) 95 and (2) 175 flashes per minute rotators and (2) V mirrors and (4) cascade mirrors.

Aerodynic Model AH2LC is a 72″ lightbar and includes: (2) 95 and (2) 175 flashes per minute rotators and (2) traffic clearing lights and (4) cascade mirrors.

AeroDynic “AeroHawk”

(AeroDynic “AeroHawk” Front)

(AeroDynic “AeroHawk” Rear)

(AeroDynic “AeroHawk” with StreetHawk rotators with individual motors)

The AeroHawk™ lightbar contains 72-inches of brute force light power! The bar brilliantly defines the parameters of your equipment, demanding attention from the vehicles in its path. It incorporates Federal’s famous AeroDynic® light-bar shape with the independently powered halogen rotators (95 FPM) of the innovative StreetHawk lightbar. This combination provides you with a maximum warning power for even the largest of specialty vehicles, and is ideal for custom fire apparatus. For added traffic-clearing reach, order the AeroHawk lightbar with a
pair of our powerful Meteor traffic clearing oscillating lights (Model AH2). AeroHawk models are also available with speaker housing. For more information, contact the factory.

(AeroDynic “AeroHawk”  Meteor Lights)

Aerodynic Model AH1 – (4) 95 FPM rotators per side, “V” shaped mirrors in center section, rear flashing and front flashing lights.

Aerodynic Model AH2 – (4) 95 FPM rotators per side, (2) Meteor traffic clearing lights in center section, rear flashing and front flashing lights.

For models with speaker housing, contact the factory.

AeroDynic – vs – AeroHawk – vs – AeroTwinSonic

You may have heard the term ‘AeroTwinSonic’. The AeroTwinSonic was first used on June 8th 1982 and Federal Signal applied for a patent on July 26th 1982.

The AeroTwinSonic is an Aerodynic that uses the rotator and PAR 36 sealed beam bulbs from the Federal Signal Twinsonic lightbar.

(AeroDynic lightbar with synchronized rotators that share a drive motor)

(The AeroDynic ADL4800 above uses ‘StreeHawk’ rotators with individual motors)

(The AeroDynic “AeroHawk” above uses ‘StreetHawk’ rotators and individual motors)

(The “AeroTwinSonic” AeroDynic uses Federal Twinsonic large rotator and PAR 36 bulbs)

(In the above photo you can see the AeroDynic label (Model 24XQ) on this AeroTwinSonic lightbar)

AeroDynic Solaris Two-Tier LED Lightbar

Classic in its design, the AeroDynic is a traditional lightbar used in the emergency lighting industry for over 30 years and a trademark to the fire market. Known for its “candy-stripe” dome configuration, this two-tier, full-size lightbar is available with Federal Signal’s Solaris LED reflector technology.

The dual Solaris LED reflectors provide high-optical efficiency for maximum light performance. In the AeroDynic, this technology provides several benefits such as low current consumption and minimal maintenance while increasing the effectiveness of the vehicle’s emergency lighting system.

AeroDynic options include takedown lights, alley lights, mirrors, front and rear flashers, three different rotators, and the innovative Meteor™ traffic clearing light.


Most Recognized AeroDynic Lightbars

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) AeroDynics

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) used the AeroDynic Model 24EAH on their cars for several years. One of the unique features of these lightbars are the alley lights. Instead of using the alley light option inside of the lightbar, LAPD chose to mount Hella halogen lights to the mounting bracket of the lightbar. They likey did it this way so the alley light inside of the lightbar wouldn’t block the flash of light from the rotator.


New York Police Department (NYPD) AeroDynics

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) used the AeroDynic Model 24RMVF. These versions of the AeroDynic are called AeroTwinSonic because they use the rotating light assemblies from the Federal TwinSonic lightbar. These are beautiful lightbars and difficult, but not impossible to find.


Most Desirable AeroDynics

Model 24 AeroDynic, 8 rotators and speaker center. This is the bar that started the whole line in 1977. Getting harder to come by each day!


Any short, medium, or standard length Model 24E, EA, EH, or EAH with metal PAR36 lamp holders. These are first run AeroDynics after their debut in 1977.


Model 24 S, SE, SEA, SEH, SEAH series of AeroDynics. These are short, 3 panel bars and are very, very hard to run across.


Model 25EAH AeroDynic. This are not as common as the Model 25 10 rotator AeroDynics, but are hard to find in themselves.


Model 25CF, with center CrossFire oscillating light and 8 rotators


NYPD AeroDynic or AeroTwinSonic, Model 24 RMVF-Z


LAPD AeroDynic, Model 24EAH-T


Cal-Spec Model 24C AeroDynic, or also known as the “Dukes of Hazzard” AeroDynic


Cal-Spec Model 24RMC AeroDynic


French Vama Model 24 SEAH AeroDynic with VisiBeam Spotlight assembly


Dutch Model 24 SHSP17 AeroDynic with reverse message board and two rotators


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Federal Signal AeroDynic Manuals

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