Prime Ministers Armored 2010 Jaguar XJ8L

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This armored XJ8L was used by the Government Car and Despatch Agency (GCS) from new and comes with the history of having served both former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as well as Prime Minister David Cameron.

‘LX10 BZK’ is an armored XJ8 that was supplied directly by Jaguar Cars Limited to the Government Car and Despatch Agency (GCS). Powered by a 4.2-litre V8 engine driving via a six-speed automatic transmission, the car is finished in Liquid Silver with Charcoal-piped Ivory leather interior. The latter features an in-car telephone and a multimedia system including audio and a DVD player, with a video display screen in the rear of each front headrest. Additional armored protection includes a titanium roof, ballistic steel armoring, under-floor Kevlar layer, and bullet-resistant boro-silicate glazing. The braking system features Alcon mono-block brake calipers (six-piston front, four-piston rear), high-performance brake pads, and ventilated discs, while the suspension incorporates specially strengthened Bilstein B46 dampers and bespoke high-strength silicon-alloy Eibach springs. Tires are of the ‘run flat’ type.

At one point the car was equipped with concealed blue emergency lights, siren, communications equipment, and a phone. The blue LED lights mounted behind the grill and the mobile phone and antenna are still in the vehicle. The other equipment has been removed.

Armored enhancement including titanium roof, ballistic steel armoring, under-floor Kevlar protection, bullet-resistant borosilicate glazing, tires with run flat capability and six-piston Alconmono-block brake calipers to the front and four-piston Alcon mono-block brake calipers to the rear.

(Armored car door with bulletproof glass)


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