Minnesota State Patrol 1989 SSP Ford Mustang

In 1989 the Minnesota State Patrol bought twenty of these SSP (Special Service Package) Ford Mustangs to crack down on speeders. Of those, four of them were the dark shadow blue metallic color that you see here. Only the passenger door received the Minnesota State Patrol logo, and the emergency lighting was concealed.

What appear to be two driving lights under the front bumper are actually Sho-Me No-Sho halogen lights that light up red with an alternating flash pattern when activated. The headlights flash as well.

On the inside is a MPH K55 radar unit on the dash, with it’s antenna mounted in the upper right corner of the windshield. A red Five-O Emergency Products revolving dash light with a mirror / flash shield is mounted on the dash. Whoever restored this car mounted another Five-O revolving light near the top of the windshield next to the rear view mirror. I believe this is actually incorrect. This car should have had either an Approved Technologies or a Code 3 dual halogen red flashing light mounted here with an alternating flash pattern. You can see it flashing back and forth in the video below.

On the inside of the car is a GE Rangr 2-way radio (yes, Rangr is spelled correctly), Federal Signal PA300 siren, police scanner, and CB radio.

The only warning light at the rear of the vehicle is a red dual halogen flashing light mounted above the third brake light.

The Minnesota State Patrol only purchased the cars in 1989. This SSP Mustang was in service from 1989 until it was sold at auction to a Minnesota buyer in 1992.

In case you’re curious, this is what the regular Minnesota State Patrol cars looked like at the time.

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